Thursday, 15 November 2012

The song is so beautiful

Now i just lisent music avryday to enjoi it n learn about mylife..
Is so hurt but i try mybest..
Just music can make me happy n smile alone..
U know wht someday i myhead remember my beautiful memory..i know is so sweet n sad but now is just memory and i alone..
How story i learn about fight love n friends..u know kira lacus cagali and athurn they very close frenzz and smting happen they helping each like kira and lacus they very sweet if kira in earth and lacus at mood they love fourever and worries..but kira and lacus not just stay but they fight for all and safe avrything..fight n fight if they cry but still fight for all..for happy ending..

I will strong like kira n lacus..
Allah sentiasa akn bntuku di mna shja aku berada..allah is mylove..
Memory i still simpn 4ever..
I love him alot..
I just want fly go away and strong..
Remember and sweet love someone i care and loving forever..
God plss tell him..i miss her so much..
I mmg da xtau nk buat apa dah..
Just wait for times and learn about next life..
Wlpn hnya berckp sndiri dlm blog..bialah ni luahan atyku n tempatku mngadu yg agak tiada spa yg tahu..
if piano ada bole ku luahkn segalanya pd music..wlpn sedy aku akn cube ceriakn diri..

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